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Why do a course?

An experienced instructor will make sure you go into climbing safely and easily.

From the start you learn the right technique and any mistakes you might make are eliminated on the spot. 

You develop the skills and confidence that enable you to have fun when climbing on your own.

You can reach pro level in no time with professional guidance.

Apart from climbing skills you will develop inerpersonal skills and team work.

A climbing course is a hard work and a lot of learning but also great fun.

Travel and see amazing climbing spots, where you will be coming back later.

Take a course!

We provide both indoor and outdoor climbing courses.

To take an outdoor climbing course you need to complete the indoor climbing course before or prove to be competent on an adequate level.

To find out more about the courses, choose one from the menu on the left.

The courses are in Polish and in English.

You will get pictures and videos made during the course, so that you can share experience with friends and verify your techniques.

All our students have access to training materials, where you can find a well-illustrated, step-by-step tutorial in scope of the course. It will help you prepare before the course and revise afterwards.

If you want to have access to our training materials, get in touch with us.